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Our parts and labour carry a full 12 month warranty.


FD Mechanics always use the highest quality of after market parts. Over the years, FD Mechanics have built up a great relationship with many after market parts suppliers, as well as the local dealership suppliers.

Sidewall Marking

Sidewall markings on car tyres help vehicle owners to identify, purchase and correctly maintain their tyres. In the past they were used to help identify the tyre's make but since then, Government legislation has demanded safety markings to let people know that they are purchasing and using legal tyres.

Please contact us for any enquires regarding tyres and we will do our best to beat any competitors (discounts may be available on request, PLEASE ASK FOR DETAILS).

Width of tyre in millimetres


Profile height of a tyre sidewall as a percentage of the width


The diameter of the wheels innerrim of tyre in millimetres


Indicates the maximum speed for the tyre


Load Index indicates the maximum load the tyre can carry


The model name of the tyre. Unique to each manufacture


Maximum load that the tyre is designed to carry (in both kg and lbs)


Maximum pressure that the tyre is designed to be inflated to (in both bar and psi)


Brand name of the manufacture